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          Why we need additional Supplementation

          Although it is important to obtain vitamins and minerals from eating healthy foods, most of us need supplementation to fill the gaps where the diet leaves off.  Nutritional deficiency is almost impossible to avoid in these modern times.

          Basic needs like calcium, iron, Vitamin C, magnesium, and protein should ideally come from the foods we eat and should provide us with more than enough nutrients to remain healthy and active.  However, multiple factors affect why we do not receive adequate nutrition simply from eathing.  This includes busy schedules and the ever-present temptation to eat unhealthy, processed foods.

          In addition, short term lifestyle and diet adjustments, while achieveing positive long term effects on wellbeing, can also impact on nutritional deficiency, through the necessity of temporarily eliminating certain food groups, to achieve the required weight-loss and endocrine balance.  Added to that, the nutrient content of modern food is compromised due to soil erosion, processing, pollution, and changes in farmine methods,  Thats where daily vitamin supplements become essential.

          Daily vitamin supplements can help to ensure we are getting the proper nutrition we need every day. Most of these supplements will contain a government recommended amount of various minerals and vitamins that are needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

          When taking daily vitamin supplements, it's good to know which ones help which parts of the body. Beta carotene and lutein are both becoming a popular ingredient in many daily vitamin supplements because they can help improve vision. Vitamin C is very common, and can help to keep the immune system at its optimum.
          Some other daily vitamin supplements ingredients include the family of B vitamins. These are especially prevalent in formulas designed to help those who are under stress, since B vitamins can help to lower stress levels. Vitamin E is another popular part of many supplements, because of its positive effects on the heart. Antioxidants can help to kill free radicals, and have long been thought to help prevent certain kinds of cancer. Minerals such as magnesium, thiamin, iodine, and others are usually found in most daily vitamin supplements.
          Taking daily vitamin supplements can help you feel better, have more energy and you may even notice that you get sick less. In time, you will also notice the days where you might miss or skip your daily vitamin. This means that they are working well to serve you, and you should always try and remember to take them each day. Set aside a time like at breakfast to take your vitamin so you don't forget. Taking daily vitamin supplements can give you the extra boost you need and help your body get the nutrients it may have been lacking.
          The TLC-Turbo Boost is designed to provide all the necessary supplementation to have your body functioning at optimum level while on the TLC-Program and after.
          *This information provides general information endorsed by our experts at time of publication.  It is not intended to take the place of medical advice. Please seek advice from a qualified health care professional before using any product.